Actor Website Lab

For those who need help navigating DIY website platforms, want a designer’s feedback while they work, or just need some group peer pressure and a few tips, Hiya, Scout’s Actor Website Lab is a marathon group work session that will end in participants having a live actor’s website they can be proud of. 

In a single day, you’ll organize your content, learn tricks and tips to make your site look great, get feedback from a designer, learn how to keep your site secure, design matching business cards, and click publish on a Squarespace or WordPress masterpiece.  

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Saturday, October 22, 2022
10am – 4pm PT (with a one-hour break)
Cost: $399
Early bird pricing for the first 6 who sign up: $199 (click register to check if option is still available)
Capped at 12 participants
To join the waitlist, or for more information, email hiya -at- hiyascout -dot- com.

What’s included?

  • Assistance getting a live site up and running with no ‘coming soon’ or ‘under construction’ banners, which you’ll be able to add to and perfect after the lab
  • A (brief) discussion on branding for actors as it pertains to online presence, including ways to manage multiple pursuits (e.g., including a side-hustle offering on the site) 
  • Discussion (also brief, we promise) on visibility and any shadow-beliefs that will prevent you from continuing to update your site or promote yourself online
  • Tips & tricks for those who find technology overwhelming
  • Building your site map (and some UX basics)
  • Design, color & typeface tools that anyone with an internet connection can use (including simple business cards)
  • The tiniest bit of CSS coding (it’ll be fun!)
  • Finishing touches that will help your DIY site not look so DIY, including feedback from a designer
  • Tips for saving time, including embedding live resumes so you only need update them in one place 
  • The bare minimums on SEO and Accessibility
  • Security and domain management

How complicated will this be?

To get the most out of this lab, you’ll need to feel comfortable logging into any accounts we make together. It would also be great if you felt comfortable bookmarking websites and managing your passwords. Other than that, this will be suitable for those who are quick learners and are interested in more advanced tips and tricks, and for those who feel helpless around anything digital.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Just collect your content! You will be able to add content after the lab, but get enough together that you’d feel comfortable ‘soft launching.’


  • A need for an actor website (NOTE: you’ll be able to add a page or two about other services you might offer, but the focus will be for actors) 
  • $100–$300 beyond the lab fee so you can purchase WordPress hosting, domains and/or a Squarespace subscription (scholarships not available for this part, unfortunately)
  • A computer or tablet that can screen-share during the lab, and that has a reliable internet connection for the duration of the lab
  • Confirmed access to any accounts you’ll need (Squarespace or hosting, domain registrar — we won’t have time to deal with login issues, so make sure you can log in beforehand) — however, don’t worry if you haven’t purchased your domain or hosting/Squarespace account yet
  • Any content you want to use on the site, including photos or video that are ready to be uploaded, your latest resume (extra credit if you can convert it to a google docs format), your bio and/or any details for upcoming performances/news
  • A readiness to click ‘publish’

About your Guide

Scout James in an orange-and-blue shirt.

Scout James (he/him) is a bi performer, web developer and designer based in Los Angeles. For 15 years, Scout has wielded expert knowledge of CSS and web development to create beautiful online spaces across coding languages and CMS platforms. Scout is particularly interested in the tensions between engaging design and accessibility, not only in terms of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), but also in terms of responsiveness and inclusion. Scout is a WordCamp participant and a WordPress contributor. He studied history at Wesleyan University and has an MFA in drama from the Juilliard School. Read more.

The fine print

  • This workshop will include limited group discussion, which might be vulnerable for some; we’ll try to foster a ‘brave space.’
  • Racism, misogyny, or abuse of any kind won’t be tolerated. 
  • The lab fee is non-refundable, but might be applicable to future labs.
  • Because boundaries are awesome, participants are limited to 3 follow-up questions/requests for feedback up to three months after the lab concludes.
  • Participants will not receive a Hiya, Scout–designed website; rather, they will receive guidance on how to follow their own aesthetics to make a DIY site on their own.
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