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We hand-craft gorgeous, responsive websites.

Hiya, Scout builds mobile-first, SEO-friendly and easy-to-update websites. We value authentic brand identity, snappy writing, creative design, best practice–following code, and beautiful typography.

We build mobile-first websites from the ground up. The design and coding processes are intertwined, so the end result is lean, long-lasting, and user-friendly. Our hand-coded layouts don’t rely on cookie-cutter templates or overload our sites with plugins. Your website is a sizable investment, and should inspire confidence—confidence in sharing something gorgeous with your audience, and confidence in knowing how to update it.

Latest Work

We have 15 years’ experience coding, designing, and solving problems on the web.

Hiya, Scout can build in any system, but for clients that wish to be able to update their websites themselves, WordPress is unparalleled in terms of its flexibility, its robust open source culture, and its endless integrations. 34% of the internet is built in WordPress, and for good reason. What started as blogging software has become a favorite back-end to websites with diverse needs and designs. And you really can make the front end look like whatever you want—there’s nothing built in that needs to look bloggy or cookie-cutter.

Because the bar to call oneself a WordPress developer is quite low, it’s important to find someone who understands the ins and outs of the PHP, HTML, and CSS that make the beloved content-management system tick. Many of our clients have come to us for help after finding themselves the heirs of Frankenstein-monster WordPress setups—setups often built with suddenly unresponsive themes and dependent upon conflicting plugins and integrations. We’re here to help, and haven’t met a WordPress-based puzzle we couldn’t solve.

Mobile users shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Chances are, you’re reading this paragraph on your phone. Today, it’s widely estimated that most website visits come from mobile phone and tablets. By 2025, almost three quarters of internet users will never see your website on laptops or desktops at all. So, it might be worth it to invest in a fully-responsive, mobile-first website that transforms organically and seamlessly from screen to screen.

We take special care to design websites that not only perform on the latest technology, but also convey strong, gorgeously-designed branding on all screen sizes. With an eye towards accessibility, authentic copywriting, smart UI, and great content organization, we make sure that your website captures the attention of your visitors from the first glance.

Building an authentic brand identity should be empowering.

    Together, through consultations, brainstorming, social media audits, and goal-setting, we arrive at a look and feel that communicates your individual or organizational mission and doesn’t make you squirm. Design and website building choices can be made today that will allow for expansion in the future, so we take special care to get a sense of aspirational positioning as well as immediate goals. We’ll talk about five-year and ten-year dreams, and we’ll talk about how you’re perceived today. Together, these ingredients will guide our path forward to building a sustainable—and visually arresting—web presence.

    The end result was professional, beautiful, and everyone was very happy with the site.

    Sarah Christensen Fu, Simon & Schuster

    “[We] ended up with a stellar finished product in an amazingly short amount of time…. Five stars.

    Jessica Minto, Pardo Consultant, Invado Solutions
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